Running By Feel

SweatTracker TTT7/15/14

Tuesday Training Tip:

In “Run – The mind-body method of running by feel”, Matt Fitzgerald talks about striking the right balance between listening to your body and following a training plan to the letter. Learning to listen to your body is really important in running. Some days, you’ll have the energy for a tempo run even if your plan calls for a short run and other days, you will barely make it through a few miles when your plan calls for a long run. Be ok with it! As long as you complete all of your workouts and you don’t overlook rest days, running by feel will allow you to better understand how your body reacts to external factors (lack of sleep, bad food, tough day at work) and adapt. Mentally, you will still get a sense of accomplishment and you will look forward to the next workout knowing that there is an option to do something different based on how you feel that day.  – Coach Val

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