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In 490 BC

The first battle for democracy was fought at the Greek village of Marathon. Though overwhelmingly outnumbered by an invading Persian Army, the citizen-soldiers of Athens prevailed and in so doing allowed the first democracy to be established and preserved the classical Greek way of life that became the foundation of western civilization.

Legend has it that, when the battle was won, the Athenian messenger Pheidippides ran twenty-four miles to Athens, carrying news of that stunning victory. The modern marathon commemorates this feat.

The Sweat Tracker team will soon participate in our first International race: the Athens Classic Marathon on 11/10. We’ll officially kick off the #quest4seven in Greece in about two weeks. Things have been busy around here getting ready for our first PR Challenge at Run Wild San Francisco on 12/1. As a result, marathon training has taken a back seat to staying on top of all the deadlines and keeping our members happy. Don’t expect any PRs this time…

The course looks a bit challenging:

Athens Classic Elevation Profile

But the total elevation gain isn’t much worse than the San Francisco marathon. The course follows the original route from Marathon to Athens. It starts in Marathon Stadium and finishes in Panathinaikon Stadium.

Athens Classic

Full details are here:

For those training with us for Run Wild – I’ll be monitoring my email so keep that feedback coming. Coach Jon and Coach Val will hold down the fort while I’m gone and Sweat Tracker will still host our regular Thursday speed workouts.


Larry Rich
Chief Runner

Speed Work – Thursdays

We had a great run last night at Sports Basement Presidio! Thanks to everyone who showed up! The weather was perfect and the views were spectacular. We managed to get some speed work in as well… we started with stair work, then tackled that nasty (but short) hill from Crissy Field up to the Golden Gate Bridge. My legs are feeling it today!

Our coaches answered a variety of questions and provided support throughout the run.

We’ll be meeting every Thursday at 6:30 through 11/21. The speed work is geared toward our PR Challenge participants, but everyone is welcome. Hope to see you out there soon!