Quest 4 Seven

Seven Continents

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a marathon on all seven continents for a while now. My research brought up several questions. Are there seven continents? Maybe. Does a marathon count if it is on an island? Maybe.

I’m an old guy and I was taught geography in the US, so I think that there are seven continents. That one was pretty easy to decide. The other question was slightly more difficult, but I’ve decided to be literal in my definition of a continent. That means I’m not going to run a marathon on King George Island or New Zealand. That’s really just to be safe. I think that they are both lovely places and I may run the Antarctica Marathon after I complete my quest. The trip looks fantastic!

So the Quest 4 Seven is officially on! The starting point will be Marathónas, Greece in November 2013. That seems like a logical choice. I’ll do another post later with more details on the race. Other marathons I’m considering are:

Europe: Athens Classic
Asia: Great Wall
Africa: Big Five or Kilimanjaro
Australia: Australian Outback
Antarctica: Ice Marathon
South America: Rio, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Inca Trail (but it’s too long)
North America: Big Sur?

And the North Pole Marathon looks interesting too, but I’ll save that one until the Quest 4 Seven is complete.

Feel free to make recommendations for races or join me in the quest.


Larry Rich
Chief Runner

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