Ragnar Relay – Sweat Tracker Style

It’s been a while since I did a relay. And I love a challenge. So when I looked at Ragnar Napa Valley, I immediately found the ultra appealing. When a friend asked about it I started strategizing about who we could get involved. Then I looked at the legs and realized that this will be a tough one. So I’m throwing out the challenge – who wants to do a Ragnar Sweat Tracker Style?ragnar-napaThere are a couple of options for how to break up the legs, but the one that makes the most sense to me is for each runner to do two legs back to back.

The breakdown would be as follows:

Runner 1: 10.7 miles, 10.4 miles, 11.5 miles
Runner 2: 11.1 miles, 14.6 miles, 6.6 miles
Runner 3: 7 miles, 17.2 miles, 8.8 miles
Runner 4: 9.1 miles, 10.9 miles, 5.1 miles
Runner 5: 11 miles, 12.6 miles, 15.9 miles
Runner 6: 12.5 miles, 13.2 miles, 10.4 miles

The dates are 9/20 and 9/21. Hit me up if you want to have some fun!


Larry Rich
Chief Runner

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