Summer Race Series

The Sweat Tracker staff love to run and we love it even more when our friends are involved. That’s why we created an unofficial race series. These are the races that we plan to do over the next few months. Check them out, check your schedule, and sign up for at least a few of them. We’ll see you on the course!

6/29, 9:00AM: Pride Run – 5K or 10K
This is a must do race and we’ve done it for as many years as we can remember.

7/13, 6:15PM, Davis Moonlight Race – 5K, 10K, or half marathon
We did this one last year and it was fun. I was going to ask for a coupon code, but it’s only $50 for the half marathon (i.e. practically free). If there’s enough interest, we’ll get a van and drive up together.

8/4, 7:00AM: Giant Race – 5K, 10K, or half marathon
Haven’t missed this one yet. We love the course and the finish on the field. The 10K is sold out, but the other distances are still available.

8/25, 7:00AM: Santa Rosa Marathon – also a 5K and a half
This is a flat (redesigned) course with only 236 feet of total elevation gain and an average finish time of 3:58 (typical is about 4:30). It’s a small pack, looks like a beautiful course, and you get to run through a working wine cellar. What more could you ask for?
(use coupon code “sweattracker” at checkout to get $10 off; a limited supply of codes have been issued but you can email us if they run out and we’ll try to get more)

9/15, 7:00AM: Clo-Cow Half Marathon & 5K
The finisher’s medal is a cow bell and the course looks challenging but beautiful. I know, I know, we had you at cow bell.

If anyone wants Sweat Tracker gear, contact us and we’ll get you some. We have technical t-shirts and tanks in three colors. If you wear your shirt to one of these races and let us know in advance that you’re running, we’ll make sure that you get at least one race photo to share online.

One other race to watch for – the Big Gay 10K. This is a fun event that we did last year. The date hasn’t been announced, but it will probably be 9/14 if they have it this year.

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